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We serve clients who want to enhance their wealth through a clear and confident financial plan.

Our purpose is to provide individuals, families and business owners an easy, personalized approach to achieving their financial goals. Our clients continually receive a well-managed financial life, confidence in their future and the peace of mind that comes with that.


Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Vivid helps protect and plan your financial position for the road ahead. We’ll work with you to help guide you down the path of a successful post-retirement financial planning.



Finances for executives are multifaceted. You are working hard to produce results at work, yet there is another side to you that wants to plan ahead for what the future might look like. Vivid helps executives visualize what that would look like.


Business Owners

Vivid works with business owners to develop a comprehensive financial game plan that incorporates everything from tax strategy to investment planning. Maintaining a strong business position is important to you and we want to be your financial partner.


Multigenerational Families

Strategic wealth management often involves legacy planning. Vivid helps multigenerational families ensure their wealth creates a legacy for future generations.


Your vision is to provide successful oral care and operate a profitable practice. We work alongside you to ensure everything from tax planning to retirement is prepared for you.



Vivid helps engineers manage, plan, and implement great short-term and long-term financial plans. Our full-service financial model will help you with investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and more!



A holistic financial model incorporates risk management, investment planning, estate planning, tax planning, debt management, and more. Physicians require a level of service that meets these needs.



Financial planning, asset management, and budgeting are important to you. As the backbone of the American economy, your assets and future are important. Vivid works hard to protect and grow your financial position.



We have plans and approaches tailored specifically for women in all stages of life. Whether that means you have a family, or are single and planning ahead, we can help determine a strategy that’s right for you.



Areas of finance that are important for educators typically include debt management, savings, and retirement planning.


Widows & Widowers

Your financial needs may have changed unexpectedly. We’ll align a plan that provides financial safety and security for your future.



Charitable contributions play a big part in your financial strategy. How much should I give? What are the personal financial advantages of making donations towards non-profit organizations? Vivid helps guide you through these questions.

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