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Financial independence can be achieved through saving money and investing responsibly over the course of many years. Once you start budgeting and saving, the next step is to invest in assets that will not only generate income, but appreciate over time. There are two variables you can anticipate while saving and investing: taxes and inflation. In order to accumulate wealth for the long-term, these two variables need to be considered. Achieving financial independence on your own can be a hard and strenuous task but fortunately, Vivid is here to help. Our simplified process involves developing a plan designed to identify and target your specific objectives, then implementing budget and investment strategies to achieve them. We know how unexpected life can be and that surprises can happen just when you get your plan perfect. But, not to worry – at the end of the day, we will help you readjust and realign so you’re always on track.
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Investing intelligently is one of the most important things you can do to reach your financial goals. Lining up your resources with your investment plan will put you in position that will allow you to build your portfolio the right way. Every person has a unique financial situation, so strategies need to be developed and implemented with a focus on each individual investor. For instance, younger investors may need a plan that enables them to buy a house in the near future, while older investors may want to pursue a plan that maximizes income returns. The very best investment you can make for your future is working with a trusted advisor – one who will take the time to get to know you. We are committed to aligning your investment portfolio with your financial objectives, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. We focus on people, not portfolios, and tailor investment strategies towards where you are in life. Once your investment plan and portfolio are established, we’ll regularly and carefully monitor your accounts to ensure you stay on track.
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As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. We partner with you in a consultative manner to help you focus more on growing your business and less worrying about the daily distractions and things that keep you up at night. Our goal is to provide you with a trusted opinion across all facets of your business. Whether it’s bookkeeping, business formation pros and cons, income planning, employee incentive strategies or guidance on raising financing rounds, our team will help you evaluate the options and make an informed decision.
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In an ever-changing tax law environment, it is important to develop tax planning strategies that can adjust and align with you and your life. However, this is only part of the tax optimization process. Tax optimization involves searching for and finding the best possible personal and legal structures that allow the minimum degree of taxation for you. Your strategy requires proper management to be able to track, record, and implement your plan so you are taxed at the lowest level possible. Our solutions are specifically designed to incorporate all aspects of your financial life into your tax preparation, planning, and optimization strategy. Tax liabilities can be triggered by almost any financial decision you make. As such, it is important to have an experienced, trusted tax professional in your corner. At Vivid, your tax advisor is also part of your investment, insurance, and planning teams, assuring that every part of your finances is considered. Because of this, you can have confidence that all of the tax advantages you are eligible for are being capitalized on, and the taxes you are paying are the right amount.
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There is more to estate planning than simply writing a will. There are many other things to consider and plan for such as beneficiaries, executors, powers of attorney, and taxes. Preparing for your legacy should be consistently reviewed and adjusted as things in life change, and a good strategy will leave your estate in good standing with your loved ones. Whatever your goal for your legacy, the help of an experienced professional in estate law can simplify the process and make your wishes attainable. As you develop a plan for your estate, it’s important to understand your entire financial picture. That’s where our team comes in. Working with your legal, tax, and even clergy advisors, we coordinate your financial and investment strategies to ensure your estate plan reflects your wishes for your legacy. Whether that means providing for your family, children’s/grandchildren’s education, or philanthropy, we can help you explore options for realizing and achieving your legacy goals.
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